Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Evangelion Art Jam

I apologize for the lateness of this--there was getting ready for and the event of Otakon, having to have to move, and then a bunch of other stuff including natural disasters and such that I blame for my lateness. I love what's been posted so far. It's so cool seeing what you guys come up with ^-^

Decided to have fun with this and go the total fan service route in lough of the summer spirit...even though it's explained in the movie that the beaches there are uninhabitable due to to pollution... but SHH! Don't ruin my summer fun.

References I used included
I used a combo of copics and watercolors for this.

I plan on doing a few more NGE drawings down the line including the end of the last movie (You Can (Not Advance)) where Shinij is struck down by the fifth (now 6th?) child--and a Rei and Asuka kitty (so cute!) fan pic of some sort.


  1. I'm getting a "Scott Pilgrim" vibe now. I love the eyes on Rei and the soft nose she has. Overall I like it.

    I had to double check with the reference on Ausuka and here are a few crits.
    Her left forearm needs to be bigger and more "in the way" of her upper arm to show off the depth of field. Also note that, when the body is twisted like in the picture, her left shoulder would stick out further than her right or at the very least be even. The way it's drawn right now makes it seem like her shoulders are twisting in one direction while her body is twisting in another. Keep in mind to use simple shapes to piece people together before going in with the details.

  2. Cool! Can't go wrong with a lil' fan service!

    Red white is spot on with his last comment. Breaking up a character into sections or polygon shapes can really help your with proportion and volume even if its just in the thumbnail stage. You'll be using the rubber a lot more to erase the guide lines but it's a small price to pay for coolness.

  3. Hm, from the source I kind of did get the idea that Asuka's body was twisting a little bit, but you're right, it did actually come out a bit disproportionate, and what you're saying makes a lot more sense with the picture you provided. I wish I had a cintiq so I could go back and edit this again >->; I will keep this in mind for the future! Thanks! ^-^