Thursday, 28 April 2011

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Exile Vilify

I was really surprised how much Portal 2 has been scratching my Half Life 2 episode 3 itch. No matter what game came out I usually want episode 3 more then anything else, now I'm not thinking about that.

And I'm also surprised that Aperture Science can trump my love for Umbrella and OCP as my favorite evil corporation.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Sonic Generations: Gameplay

Looks like Sonic's out of rehab. What's the last good sonic game you played?

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Anyone want a copy of Audiosurf?

Anyone want a copy of Audiosurf?

I've been participating in the Potato Sack ARG, in the vain attempt at trying to get Portal 2 to be released early, even though I'm getting it for PS3, but there's said to be a DLC code in the game box for steam. :]
But I LOOOOOVE Audiosurf much more then the guitar hero and rock band trend since it's your own music playing in more of a puzzle game style and discovering other people playing the same song and leaving comments about it.
On a side note, I discovered Portal 2 concept art inside the Audiosurf as a small compressed file named "noisy.sfx"

if you want to see more, check out this site which discovered more of them inside other Potato games.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Batman Musical

The rumors of a Batman musical have been floating around the time after Batman Forever's release, and Batman and Robin delayed it but it was out there. A lot of that production eventually turned into the Spiderman Turn off the Dark Musical.... well apparently there's a Batman Musical off the ground

Why did I bring this up? Well we are planing a Batman Beyond art, and if you recall, there was an episode mocking the idea of a Batman musical with the delicious writing of Paul Dini and of course Kevin Conroy doing his own batman voice in a campy style. Sadly for some reason youtube can't let me embed this video but here's a link. I love this scene a lot

And I love this painting from 15 years ago for Entertainment Weekly

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Batman Beyond

"I just want a hug Bruce, just a little one."

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


That title is quiet literal actually, seeing as both my projects are of alien origin.

First up is my Carnage project that I'm still working on. What I'm looking for is color ideas and highlights. I'm trying to vary my reds and include pinks and oranges in there as well to break it up a little. Any comments or ideas on what I should add to the red or black parts? I'm still rather flexible with the drawing from start to finish, even at this point. So if you think certain lines should be added or taken away or if there needs to be more black or whatever your critique is, I'm more than eager to hear it.

I'm also eager to share my status with my Xenomorph Alien drawing. I've uploaded three steps so far and in each, the alien changes a bit.

This first one shows where I wanted to start off and how I wanted it to look.

The second develops the pose more and it changes the head slightly.

I've gone ahead and added in the detail to more of the head and neck. I've further changed the head and I'll attempt to add in the see through skull design but it might be tricky doing it in the line style I'm using atm. I'm also going to make the tail longer and rotate the hands so that they're not overlapping as much. I'll make further refinements as I go along but if there's anything poking out at you as wrong, let me know dudes.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Art Jam: I. Am. Batman (beyond)

You never really get to appreciate the idea of Batman beyond in the cartoons until you've seen a portrait of him. The suit is the definition of "skin tight" when it wraps around the lips to where you look more gargoyle than savior.

And after seeing this comic cover, I must admit that I want to see more of the future Batman. Cool doesn't even do it justice to me anymore. So there you have it! Show me how beyond Batman can get. Extra internet points if you include more of the cast from the cartoons.

Gabe is not to be trusted...

Oh yeah, he seems cuddly and nice and all. Sure he has those rosy cheeks that are all too pinchable. But behind those glasses lies the eyes of a man who will, and already has, done anything to secure his status. There are more sinister things behind those eyes, obscured as they are by the glare of his glasses. He's a madman that'll one day condense the internet into one giant Steam system and birth unto us Skynet and the end of the human race.

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it or something, idk, I AM tired after all.

I shall be posting the details of the next jam here in but a moment.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ryan Venom Lines Crit

I gotta Say bud, this is one really cool Venom pic.The only thing I offer as an a opinion is that I think his right shoulder needs a bit more volume.

Venom Lines

Made revisions based on ya'lls input, now moving on to color.