Monday, 4 April 2011

Gabe is not to be trusted...

Oh yeah, he seems cuddly and nice and all. Sure he has those rosy cheeks that are all too pinchable. But behind those glasses lies the eyes of a man who will, and already has, done anything to secure his status. There are more sinister things behind those eyes, obscured as they are by the glare of his glasses. He's a madman that'll one day condense the internet into one giant Steam system and birth unto us Skynet and the end of the human race.

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it or something, idk, I AM tired after all.

I shall be posting the details of the next jam here in but a moment.


  1. "That's right...take it of slowly"

  2. off* lol

    I think this may be the real Gabe. It would explain how he's getting his employees to do such cool games. The fear factor.

  3. Fear Factor? Like, he makes them eat bugs and animal testicles?

  4. I'm pretty sure Joe Rogan conducts all the interviews.

  5. Love the hair. Very devious look--I like it ^.~