Wednesday, 6 April 2011


That title is quiet literal actually, seeing as both my projects are of alien origin.

First up is my Carnage project that I'm still working on. What I'm looking for is color ideas and highlights. I'm trying to vary my reds and include pinks and oranges in there as well to break it up a little. Any comments or ideas on what I should add to the red or black parts? I'm still rather flexible with the drawing from start to finish, even at this point. So if you think certain lines should be added or taken away or if there needs to be more black or whatever your critique is, I'm more than eager to hear it.

I'm also eager to share my status with my Xenomorph Alien drawing. I've uploaded three steps so far and in each, the alien changes a bit.

This first one shows where I wanted to start off and how I wanted it to look.

The second develops the pose more and it changes the head slightly.

I've gone ahead and added in the detail to more of the head and neck. I've further changed the head and I'll attempt to add in the see through skull design but it might be tricky doing it in the line style I'm using atm. I'm also going to make the tail longer and rotate the hands so that they're not overlapping as much. I'll make further refinements as I go along but if there's anything poking out at you as wrong, let me know dudes.


  1. Here's one idea:, you should probably ignore that background I did.

    I've seen yellow used on Carnage quite a bit in comics. Venom was always highlighted with blue and red in the 90s cartoon (Spiderman link?). You could perhaps think along those lines.

    The Xenomorph detail! You should definitely post more of that as you progress.

  2. hummmm, that image you did really speaks to me actually. It reminds me that highlights are biased on environment and that before I proceed with Carnage, I have to base him in whatever background I need. Thanks for the reminder dude!

    I'll look up a few ques from the comics since that's where Carnage is from. If black is highlighted red and blue, then red should be highlighted........... pineapple?

    Looking through the Xenomorph progress, I noticed that I need to open up the middle part more. It kept getting smaller and smaller when I first wanted it to have plenty of room to show the skull. And no worries dude. I'll keep posting progress as I work it out.

  3. Mmm... honestly, loving the red as it is. If you add too much pink or orange, it'd probably take away from it more than anything... the only way I'd see it really working out is if you wanted it to be like a firely yellow glow, and then have some of the shadows be like a dark red orange... but then you'd have to emphasize the fireness elsewear me thinks...

    Lovin' the details on the alien sketch. Planning on a background? Can't wait to see it when it's done ^-^