Saturday, 23 April 2011

Exile Vilify

I was really surprised how much Portal 2 has been scratching my Half Life 2 episode 3 itch. No matter what game came out I usually want episode 3 more then anything else, now I'm not thinking about that.

And I'm also surprised that Aperture Science can trump my love for Umbrella and OCP as my favorite evil corporation.


  1. I'm actually excited about this year's E3 and what Valve will show up with, if anything at all lol. That and the whole Nintendo console thing, I have no idea what gimmick they'll come up with this time.

  2. Well, I'm a valve fanboy..... and for the past 4 years I've been going about E3, "Please say HL2 episode 3." And so far for 4 years nope, and yeah I was one of those guys who joined the L4D2 ban because I sooooooo wanted HL2ep3..... I'm probably going to say the same thing again this year, but I know from reading the Steam message boards we might be seeing the Meet the Medic video which a rendered still has been shown of the Medic all John Woo style with doves flying around, L4D2 will be getting the rest of L4D1 levels integrated soon (which I wonder how much that cannibalizes L4D1 audience), steam community video capture system which has been promised to be in there 3 years since L4D1 and Defense of the Ancients 2 is suppose to be their next big game.... which I'm not that excited for but I am interested in seeing Valve do something that isn't a FPS but I'm not a big fan of Alien Swarm.... only played it for my TF2 hat. And also rumor Valve is working on iOS.... I could see Portal 2 running on an iPad, but it would be AWESOME if they could give it for FREE because that's the Valve nature since the HL1 engine days.

    Nintendo's new system...... Ideally I'd love to see Wii HD, with a larger Hard drive and you can't transfer over your Virtual Console downloads.... Although I must say Wii's current component cables on an HDTV, actually Virtual Console gane looks AMAZING, like Punchout, Zelda A Link to the Past, Ninja Giaden and Streets of Rage 2 look MIND BLOWING. I want more Virtual Console then I want really new games. But realistically.... I'm betting you Nintendo might announce a name, and show off a lot of 3DS and I also want Zelda Skyward Swords more then anything else right now. And Mario 3DS, I wanna see that more then anything right now.

    But E3... METAL GEAR RISING!!!! I'll sing Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap. I'm always curious about Capcom and Square/Enix, and can anything top last year's Konami press event? "ONE MILLION TROOPS."