Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Batman Musical

The rumors of a Batman musical have been floating around the time after Batman Forever's release, and Batman and Robin delayed it but it was out there. A lot of that production eventually turned into the Spiderman Turn off the Dark Musical.... well apparently there's a Batman Musical off the ground

Why did I bring this up? Well we are planing a Batman Beyond art, and if you recall, there was an episode mocking the idea of a Batman musical with the delicious writing of Paul Dini and of course Kevin Conroy doing his own batman voice in a campy style. Sadly for some reason youtube can't let me embed this video but here's a link. I love this scene a lot

And I love this painting from 15 years ago for Entertainment Weekly


  1. Kevin Conroy singing! How could I forget this?! I think Zatanna got Batman to sing once too.

  2. Your thinking the episode "This Little Piggie" in Justice League Unlimited. When Circe turns wonder woman into a pig and Zatanna helps batman tack down Circe in a musical night club. Wonderful episode.

  3. Hahaha, win. I'd love to see a Batman musicale.