Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More characters

I'm still thinking on names. Once I get some down I'll post here and ask to see what would fit best with each character. But for the time being, I'm posting up some more work I've done.

Further refining the berserker with several arms, I've came up with a proper outfit that fits him well. Plus I added something to his other arm to balance out both sides. I've actually changed his class to be a force healer of the group. Tricky class it is. He opens up a hole in the injured party with his left hand and shoves those tendrils (which themselves are like coagulated blood) into the other person. What this does is that he leads the other persons body in the correct healing path as well as sharing his own energy/stamina that's needed to multiply the cells and heal wounds. Think of blood vessels pushing and pulling open wounds shut, that's what he's doing. But those tendrils are also whip like weapons.

Oh, and also know that I know he's not really well proportioned. It was more just to get the idea right before I do anything final.

Here's the tank of the group. Big guy that he is, he's trained in taking a position and keeping it, pushing battle lines further and further forward. Most of the time he's a gentle, kind fellow but he's pushed and bullied into things because of Shade's group. He might seem simple, and who knows, maybe he really IS simple, but there might be more going on behind his quiet and gentle demeanor that belies how fierce and cold he can really be. In other words, he fits in the group just fine.

Again, any tips on clothes or any other design ideas are welcomed. I'm not sure if I want to keep those multi arms on the right or put them on the left. I'm willing to change the look of some things if the idea is good. I'm just open to suggestions and nothing is really final final.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

N.P.L.L rough Slice,Snips Doppelganger crit

Either the head is a bit too small or the legs are too long, it could be a style thing so you can ignore that. The arms I guess are dependent on snips design right?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

N.P.L.L rough Slice,Snips Doppelganger

I've finally got around to making solid plans for all my personal projects and it feels great, now here’s a very rough early design of 1, if not the main antagonist of my main project. She is combination of the many failed experiments to create a powerful tool to obtain the God stone & the power of the almighty. Her right eye, Right portion of chest & heart, Left arm & Left leg are from the main heroine of the story Snip.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Updated Archer and Berserker 2

Cool, there's more stuff showing up in here. I, for one, am happy to see it all.

More sketches guys. This time it's an updated Berserker 2 and also another head shot of the Archer guy showing off the extent of his gaping maw.
Berserker 2 has his pants and arms updated. I gave him alot more pouches but I'm thinking of keeping the majority of them on his right leg. I can see all his arms coming out and pulling a variety of items from all the different pouches and what not. Throwing knives, food, reading material, just about anything I figure he'll want he can have. Thanks for the idea! Oh, his arms are also updated. I was thinking of having a different finger get the huge, bladed treatment for each arm but now I'll go with a retractable blade in his arms. This will also aid in getting them out of the wraps on top of keeping the individual hands useful for other tasks.
The Archer head shot is just showing what happens when he opens his mouth. Might go with some thinner, smaller fangs but he has a viper like mouth. Not really easily seen in here is how he's missing two teeth on his lower jaw. One missing on each side, he slides his arrows through them to get them coated with his own poison. Archers have different options as to how to tip their arrows. Most all of them carry with them all different types of arrows but usually you'll find that some of them prefer one type over another. In this guy's case, he likes the poison hollow tip arrows.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Green Gobbie crit

Nice one dude, again, not a real crit. Just pointing out a few muscle masses you should keep in mind. Don't worry about remembering the names. The new look for Dr E looks great by the way. I gonna assume she's finished. One thing I learnt from Tisane is that using thin lines during the conceptual stage allows quick/easy edits.

Post more! I like where your going!

Dr E new design headshot

The new look of my main characters mother.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Green Gobbie

I have never drawn this dude before and a while ago, I was going to do the whole rouge gallery of that friendly neighbourhood spiderman,so heres the very rough version.might do more.....

Another Berserker crit

Just playing around

-Oh yeah, just noticed this after posting. His left leg needs more lines on the knee area to show that the leg is bending. It looks too short otherwise. I always make this mistake when i run out of space on the paper-

Friday, 14 May 2010

Another Berserker

Decided to put in another berserker. He's the third member of the group and an interesting one at that. Since their biology gives them the ability to heal at will, they can take extra steps to change their bodies to how they see fit. This guy decided it would be fun to have five arms on one side of his body. He also has a few other mods on him but the arm thing is the coolest of them. I'm not sure if I want his horns to be real or like metal studs. His hand has metal studs in them, and I'm thinking of giving him more peircings but just not sure where or what else. And as always, any design ideas would be very welcomed.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Archer Idea

Here's the second of Shade's motley crew. General idea really and any suggestions would be nice. You can add, take away etc. etc. These are just two shots of him, one done yesterday and the full body drawing done today. I'm thinking his clothes in the full body drawing are what he'll wear. I was thinking maybe fishnets on him but idk.

Main characteristics are thin-ish body type, quiet emo sort of tag along. I'll be doing another head shot of him, maybe tomorrow, to show why he has those stitches. The weapons he carries around are mostly dart/dagger like items to throw. He has a few around his belt but he also uses the pins in his hair as weapons if need be. More details forthcoming once I do more head shots. Should probably do more body shots of the first character.

Berserker finished

Just updated the picture. NOW I'm happy with it.
Just posting this here to show how it looks. My computer started messing up on me so the teeth didn't come out quite like I would've liked.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Character Concept 01 crit

Great job dude, super way to get the ball rolling!

Nothing wrong with this one really. Just pointing out the difference in forearm size.

I know next to nothing about clothing design but I will say that functionality should take priority. Start with pouches, holders n stuff. Then make em' look pretty after.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Character Concept 01

Okay, here ya go. Sucky scan, somewhat quick sketch of a character idea I've been working on. I don't have a name (need help on that as well) but he's meant to be a berserker with claw blades being his main weapon. Just wanting some ideas on maybe clothing design or accessories or even big changes, idk. This is more or less the main concept I'm going to run with. (probably need to make the head bigger, humm. ) atm he's wearing a sleeveless hoodie and complicated shorts. He has claw blades but the design on those are no where near final and I doubt he'd carry them around with him in his regular outfit. I'll probably switch that up to something more inconspicuious.

Discussion open dudes.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Less Talk, More Action!

Here's a place to put your W.I.Ps ( work in progress) for a good old crit like drawover/paintover.. Try to take each others varying styles into consideration when you take a red marker to it, i.e. no plainly redrawing images in your own style lol.

How it works:

If someone posts a "WIP" you can repost it with a paint over or drawover to give a different perceptive on their work. Or you can simply crit their work on their post. Simple really.

Have fun!