Monday, 17 May 2010

Updated Archer and Berserker 2

Cool, there's more stuff showing up in here. I, for one, am happy to see it all.

More sketches guys. This time it's an updated Berserker 2 and also another head shot of the Archer guy showing off the extent of his gaping maw.
Berserker 2 has his pants and arms updated. I gave him alot more pouches but I'm thinking of keeping the majority of them on his right leg. I can see all his arms coming out and pulling a variety of items from all the different pouches and what not. Throwing knives, food, reading material, just about anything I figure he'll want he can have. Thanks for the idea! Oh, his arms are also updated. I was thinking of having a different finger get the huge, bladed treatment for each arm but now I'll go with a retractable blade in his arms. This will also aid in getting them out of the wraps on top of keeping the individual hands useful for other tasks.
The Archer head shot is just showing what happens when he opens his mouth. Might go with some thinner, smaller fangs but he has a viper like mouth. Not really easily seen in here is how he's missing two teeth on his lower jaw. One missing on each side, he slides his arrows through them to get them coated with his own poison. Archers have different options as to how to tip their arrows. Most all of them carry with them all different types of arrows but usually you'll find that some of them prefer one type over another. In this guy's case, he likes the poison hollow tip arrows.


  1. Haha, I knew his mouth would do something cool like that! Didn't think it was gonna be this scary though!

    As far a the get up goes, very cool. You might want to veto a few things to make him more streamlined. You may not want to spend ages drawing him every panel. But I like where you went with it, better to have too much and take away rather than ponder what to add.

  2. You know, I've tried to comment on this one but it seems like Blogspot ate it. Anyway dude, the short and sweet of it was "major thanks" and "I'll find the right balance here one day"