Friday, 7 May 2010

Character Concept 01 crit

Great job dude, super way to get the ball rolling!

Nothing wrong with this one really. Just pointing out the difference in forearm size.

I know next to nothing about clothing design but I will say that functionality should take priority. Start with pouches, holders n stuff. Then make em' look pretty after.


  1. Nice, really good catch dude. I didn't even notice that. Thanks, haha. I might also resize the legs now that I'm looking at them.

  2. Bro, don't be afraid to spam this blog with reworked w.i.p's. or other sketches.

    Great character by the way, look forward to seeing more!

  3. Will do. I'm working on one of the other new characters I came up with right now and will post it up maybe tomorrow. I'll need help with clothes again and any other concept that can get thrown in there. It'll be more than a single sketch though since there are more details to go through.