Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sai-S.L.I.C.E-flats w.i.p


  1. huh? your like 2nd person who said that,well it looks like Im about to give into peer pressure and go with the it as the defult colour,lol


  2. lol, I'll have to third that oppinion then as well. The middle suite looks like the one.
    I think it's mostly because of how the middle uses muted colors. She's a bad person so a darker, more hushed tone fits better imo. Plus, the hair looks great that gray color. Yeah, I say the middle one.

  3. HAHA! Even you? well since my colour sense is really crap,I cant turn down advice from the team's colour master!As for the hair I like the colour to and Snip,Thyme,Spindle & S.L.I.C.E all sport hair styles that Dr.E had had at different periods of her life. Thanks bud