Monday, 28 November 2011

Shiny hair is shiny

*bro fist activated*
Adventure time,
common grab your friends
We'll go to very
distant lands
with Jake the dog and Finn the human
the fun never ends
Adventure time~

 My roughs and my finished work. I learned something with this, and really, that's all I've ever wanted out of this kind of art jam stuff. I learned how to use the pen tool in photoshop and make really easy and quick flats.
In case you're like me and you don't know how to use the pen tool, here's the quick run down.

 First you select the brush tool and set the brush to however you want the lines to look like at whatever thickness. Next you use the pen tool to create your wavy lines of joy (remember to use the CTRL key to adjust the lines. Just hold it down and you can reselect the points you've made and drag and twist the line) and then after all that, you right mouse click to open up your options and select Stroke. This is where I got confused because I didn't know you could do that. You can even have it mimic pressure if you want but otherwise, you'll have your nice clean line now. Just hit ESC twice to deselect the lines and you can continue with your penmanship.

 Coloring is a snap now too. You see, with the pen tool creating really strong lines, the flats are colored really quickly by using the magic wand tool. Just select the inside of the lines and hold down SHIFT if you want to add more to your selection. Then make sure you click on a separate layer and then go to the top tabs and click on Selection, Modify, Expand and then expand by 2 or 3 pixels depending on how thick your lines are. I used 4 pixel thick lines so 2 worked fine for me. Just fill the selection in with your color of choice and voila~ You've just layed down some quick flats. Oh the joy of learnering.


  1. Aww, you did away with the axe bass in the final, still this is so cool man!

  2. yeah, it didn't sit quiet right and if I really wanted it in there, Marceline should've been holding it. But then that would require me doing correct depth perception and I just decided to do something quick. You see, I get real particular when I start doing certain things and I wouldn't leave myself alone until I did them right.

  3. Flats might be the most boring part of any drawing process but if you do em right you whiz playfully through everything else.

    Finn's using L'Oréal For Adventurers right? Great job!

  4. lmao, L'Oreal. Because he's worth it.

  5. yeah thats cool, and I like ow marceline is saying "how do you get it so shiny?"