Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Here comes the Girls W.I.P's

Hey guys I've got alot of stuff to work on in the coming days & I wanted to run these W.I.P's by everyone before I ink them.The Filla one I have to edit the face and the legs a bit but the Painwheel one I like,so let me know if there's more things I need to change.



  1. Filla does need work on her face and legs. I think she also needs a bigger head to fit the hair better. You gotta watch those knee placements when you're doing the calf muscles. You shouldn't see much of the inner calf muscle if her knee's are pointed inward like that. Also, feets. Her right foot is okay but her left foot needs to be redone. We should be looking at the top of the foot more than the front imo. Other than that, things are looking really bad @$$

    1. You correct on all accounts my friend I thought the legs where a bit off and the feet do need more work on them.