Monday, 21 June 2010

Last one for a bit

This is the last one from me for a little bit. Well... maybe, idk.

This is a concept for a little trouble maker in the city. There are other species of intelligent life that exist in this make shift world of mine. I'm thinking of just capping it off with this guy + whatever my Shadow people are and then have subsections of each.
The main concept I'm working with for these characters are that they are Faun inspired creatures with exceptionally long life spans. The children are left behind from their parents when they've weened themselves off the mother and they go around causing troubles and mischief. They're fast buggers that get away with it too. As they grow older they become far more angsty and violent and they would eventually try to reunite with the parents that scorned them away. After that, folks aren't sure what happens to them. Maybe they reunite with whatever clan they came from, maybe the pick a fight with something bigger than them and end living just long enough to regret it. But if they do live, the older they get, the more calm they become. Or lazy rather. Yeah, they're still very volatile but they're just lazy about it.

The idea for the small horns needed to be fleshed out enough to where it would work when the horns grew longer. I might even make different sub species that have different horn designs.


  1. I personally think goat eyes are unbearably creepy but if find the top designs quite charming.

    I love drawing horns too! The horns at the bottom are cool, I dig the visible dimension and volume you gave em'. I need to do some goat studies man.

  2. I think the reason for that is because the slit is vertical rather than horizontal. Or are they diagnal? mmmm, well I'll play around with the eye a bit more, but it might just stay as it is.

    Thanks dude. I wanted to have Ram horns for this character but the ones on the bottom middle stood up too high and went forward too much. It broke the slick back feel of the hair. I think other versions of the speicies would have horns like Elks, Water Bucks and Gemsbok.