Friday, 15 October 2010

And Im back.

Sorry I went A.W.O.L guys shit got very real,but now Im back,trying out some new stuff I saw in some cool tutorials


  1. Cool dude! Hard as heck for me to see on my screen but I can make it out, and I can say that I like it.

    The pouches around the waist could work but I think that the front needs to be open so that she can easily bend forward and back. It would seem to get in the way as it is.

  2. If your going to use a grey background when sketching, painting or editing I find using the literal grey (halfway between black and white) best. Not only is it more legible, you also get rid of the scary blank canvas. :)

  3. Sorry about the backgroud,I saw it in character concept design tutorial and I think I went overboard abit,as for the waist pouches youer defently right about it needing 2 be more open,we can't have her going on Assassination missions wearing a filpping corset now can we.
    thanks for the feed back guys.