Monday, 11 October 2010

Love you to Death WIP pt 2

Is the hand fixed now kind sirs? Bit big right?

I'm also dropping a quick 30 min warm up too, I stopped halfway just in case you dudes want to point out any mistakes I'm making.

- note, I usually work really dark and pour light into it in the latter stages.
- the long necks i draw are reflex habits from my super cartooned days, sorry lol.


  1. The hand looks much better now. I suppose it is too big if you're going for accuracy but style wise, you can do it how you want it. The rule there is that hands are as big or a bit smaller than the size of the face.

    As for the second one, all ya gotta do is just bring the collar bone up and add in her right shoulder. The left shoulder looks fine where it is. And for the lighting, I'm not sure where the light source is really coming from tbh. Some area's are either too highlighted or not highlighted enough, depending.

  2. Oh! But she does have a cute face though. Top notch expressions on both drawings.

  3. Perhaps slightly smaller seems like the best way to go. Slender female hands are something I need to work on, just adding long nails to man hands feels like I'm cheating lol.

    Sometimes I forget to do simple things like putting an arrow/pointer to remind myself of where the main light source is, it really helps things from being too flat. Thanks dude.

  4. True dude. Fingernails do not a lady make. lol

    np man. Looking forward to seeing the next one!