Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I'm sad to see this space so empty. So I've decided to post up something I've been working on.

It's Shade's group, all together in one image that shows off the size compared to each other. I don't know if the wolf girl is going to be part of the group or not but I threw her in there for good measure. Thoughts? Changes? Ideas? Sock it to me baby.


  1. The big guys tail placement made me giggle a little but it's unavoidable at this and angle so don't worry lol.

    The design for the berserker might be too noisy, like he should give one of his leg gear holders to someone else. But then again if his personality is to have many tricks up his sleeves (or many sleeves lol) I can see how this can work.

  2. hehe, I know what you mean. His tail is shorter and stouter than the others so what can I do? Looks wrong at the smaller view, haha. Maybe I can give him some sort of loin cloth?

    I've changed his class to be more of the healer/supplier of the group. I may give him a backpack and cut out some of the stuff from his legs. The problem is that with him being so tall, just having scrawny legs doesn't seem to look quite right. Besides that, the main idea behind him is that since he has so many arms on his right side (5), they all come down and pick things out of various pockets so that he can multitask like crazy. I think I'll just axe the stuff on his lower left leg, but keep the big pocket. Thanks for the feedback dude!