Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Love you to Death WIP

A little quick one, her hand is giving me hell :(


  1. oooo I dig the sketchy stuff from you. I say twist the hand a little more and hide the pinky. Hands don't always show all the fingers on them so that's just one thought. If I have a hard time, I just use my own hand as ref.

  2. thanks dude i'll do that. I usually take quick ref pictures with my camera phone whenever I get stuck like this but I was totally unsure on the twist/positioning lol.

  3. Looking good bruv,I do concur with Fire,about the hand all five piggys needn't be seen.Also I noticed that both of the characters eyes dont exactly match with each other in terms of the looking at each other,Dont know if thats what you where going 4 or it just might be being a D*$K lol.