Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Working out, not working out.

Clothing ideas for the big guy. I'm thinking a mix between the top two would be the best.

Also, lucky you guys, you get to see my character Sightless without his mask on as well as his updated design! hummmmmm, on second thought, I think I'll make that my personal blog exclusive. I'll share the updated design here though.


  1. The top right fatty costume is my fav, I do like my clothing seams! I also like the shoulder pads on the bottom right though, hmmmmm....

    Sightless but not senseless I assume, nice design especially the sword.

  2. I can very well add shoulder pads to that outfit. For some reason, it's hard to come up with proper clothing attire for the bigger guys.

    "Sightless but not senseless", I like that. And it's true. He doesn't need to see you to see you.