Sunday, 8 May 2011

Beyond Batman: Batman Beyond (Update)

(Update) I added the bat symbol, belt and some of Chucko's smile.

I've always liked the Jokers. The idea that gangs of the future would mimic one of Batman's most icon enemies was just perfect. The fat one doesn't seem to get much love ( and this picture isn't helping ) but I had to draw him in there. I wanted a nice powerful shot of Batman taking down a big dude with a lot of oomph behind it. I was debating between this or Batman choking him over the side of a rooftop. Or holding him by his ankles.


  1. This looks like an actual animation cell. Like something Madhouse would do. Two thumbs up from me man!

  2. This is awesome dude, sweet take-down.

  3. never really liked ol'chucko much,although I did bust a gut in the JLU: two parter when found out what happened to the dinosaurs lol

    very tight piece here mate,very sha-way.

  4. Like I said on DA, the bigger they are, the harder they fall xD Love the movement of this btw