Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I never formally introduced myself. What my art style is. What my influences are. What my goals are.

I've done a combination of traditional and digital art in the past, but for the past couple years, my main medium has been drawing and paints. My style would be closest to realism, mainly because that's how I was always taught, so I just incorporate that into what I want to do.

I guess I'd have to say most of my influences are from my three favorite things in the world--movies, music, and anime.

Inspired from "It's OK" by Land of Talk

Ramona and Scott from Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Cat Woman

Chibi (singer from the Birthday Massacre)

White Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Red Mist

Angel (some random raver I met one time)

I also have to admit, I'm also pretty good with animals as well--

My old Cat, Pounce

My Corgi

I've also started getting into making some cosplay props like the longinus lance and Kalyna Ann from paper mache and cardboard and tape and paint and STUFF-- but don't think that art media would suite this blog lol :P

Some of my favorite influential pictures (basically what I wish I could create *L*)

A few of my favorite artists are

Jhonen Vasquez (love his crazy style in JTHM, Squee, and I Feel Sick)

Christy Lijewski(I've always adored her style in general --the way she draws, the coloration, the shading--and even her cosplays *L*)

Adam Hughes

At the moment, my goal is simple, to get into the swing of things and just start creating. It would be nice to eventually be able to create a web comic, but at the moment I just don't have the time, and my form of media takes hours to do. Not to mention, when I've tried to draw the people my characters are based off of, I feel I fail to the fullest extent--probably because I have the goal to make a glorified version of these people, and am not meeting my own expectations and partially in the fact that I just tend to draw girls more than guys, or guys with feminine looks to them.

But anyways, thank you for your time ^_^


  1. I hope others do this. Seeing a persons influences and artistic goals makes it easier to make better suggestions.

    Looking at some of these influences I would definitely recommend trying out copics or markers more. Applying what you learn with them on your paintings. Or just continue to draw from life, that's by far the fastest way to get better.

    *goes of to paint screen-caps of films*

  2. I was originally going to try going back to computer methods of drawing by getting a cintiq, or a macbook pro, but at the moment can't do that since I need to save my money this summer >-> But I think you're right, I would definitely benefit more if I tried to use copics (faster and probably easier to apply details). I will look into trying them out. Thanks for the input! ^_^

  3. Adam Hughes is by far one of the most skilled artists imho. It's just so much love.

    lol, glad you've come onto the blog, I'm hoping it'll help us all to do something, even though I'm still being a very lazy git.