Sunday, 11 December 2011

Part of an art trade I'm working on, I feel bad for not posting jam stuff, but I thought you guys would be good good some critique.


  1. a quick scribble over:

    Looks great so far dude!

  2. Well it looked good so far to me dude. But then I saw Sinistar's stuff and realized how horrible it really is.

    I kid, I kid. I looks fine to me and I'm more curious to see where you go with it. At the moment it's like un-molded clay with a universe of potential behind it and to impose my own ideas in this stage would feel like I'm stepping on your style. The only thing I hope for is to see her feet. They can be in boots or shoes or flip-flops, your call.

  3. Oh, but the hammer, I think that should be more centered up if it's going to look like Thor's, just like Sin's sketch. Unless you make it look more like Beta Ray Bill's hammer, in which case it can pull off the off centered shaft.
    A weapon has to be balanced in weight so that the swing is uninterrupted. Otherwise the head will always want to point down which is fine for overhead strikes but makes swinging it side to side a task.

    Just my insipid reasoning getting in the way of style again.

  4. Thanks you guys, I was about prepared to scrap this one entirely, but now I have some ideas on how to make it work. And Red White I was really trying to push that forced perspective by having her forward foot plunging out of view, but you right, plus I love drawing feet.