Friday, 11 March 2011

Flank Cover

Some objective play here. I'm trying to kill as many birds with one stone as possible. A book cover, a pin-up and a slight Robert Mcginnis spoof. Just posting my progress of the little head shot thingy. If you spot anything off, don't holla, shout! :)

some ref/inspiration


  1. Looking great but I do think the color scheme needs to pop more. Either brighter saturated color or a contrasting value in the shadows.
    And that's amazing inspiration

  2. Vintage books there. Are any of those related to "bodies are Where you find them"?

  3. @Crithon. My colours are usually so gloomy and washed when I start so I'll be sure try punch it up more as I go along. :)

    @hex. Yeah, the Mike Shane mystery books are related. The film Kiss Kiss Bang Band is loosely based on "Bodies are where you find them". It's one of my favourite movies.

  4. I love those books you posted up. Great looking art and I just love the old timey colors in them. If I had one comment to add to your drawing, it would be to marry the colors and the lines more. Make them blend together more by thinning up the lines in certain places and eliminating them all together in others. Specifically around the ears, chin and smile. I really like the shading however. Nice and soft in some places and then real crisp in others, like around the nose. And it may just be because it's unfinished but the shading around the neck between the jaw and shirt needs to be more accurate to the light source.

  5. Love the new banner for the page BTW!