Sunday, 6 March 2011

ipad 2

Recently, I've been looking at the ipad 2 and it's features, and quite honestly, I must say that I'm impressed. At first, I saw the ipad as just a large itouch, but these capabilities make me say otherwise. Not only can you read some of your favorite books and magazines on here, listen to music, and watch movies on the go--you can play some pretty cool games at a decent price, create and record music, edit movies, and even create quite some interesting art pieces.
Here's some of the apps I'm excited for. Tell me what you honestly think ^-^


GarageBand & KorgiElectribe

Sketchbook Pro

Glee Karaoke - I honestly haven't really watched the show much, but I'm a karaoke fiend lolz

Infinity Blade

There's also some programs that would be useful if you're still in school, or need to create business presentations, like KeyNote (basically PowerPoint for Apple) & Numbers (equivalent to Microsoft Excel). I have to say, MonsterAnatomy looks pretty cool too.

I wanted to see what everyone's opinion of this was, particularly on the Sketchbook Pro. I've wanted a cintiqe for a while, but didn't want to drop the 1 grand for it. But with the ipad, you get something similar I feel, but with more capabilities. I'm thinking of getting it when it comes out, but don't want it to end up being a waste of money and space, you know? ^_^


  1. It's a very expensive toy but if it had a sort of Pchat app I'd totally be interested in trying it out. Is there any alternatives to Sketchbook Pro on it do you think?

  2. Being an old school star trek fanboy, I would love it if the iPad was really a device to work on. The price range is relatively close to a laptop, but the sad truth is, it's not really close enough.

    I have a close friend who bought an ipad 1 just a week before the ipad 2 announcement, he admit it's neat but it's a luxury item. I often bug him about working on it, like writing a blog, or drawing on it, and he says it's decent attempts at it but doesn't quite work as well as a laptop for him.

    But yeah, the ipad looks like a tablet you'd find in star trek and I'd love to pretend to be Jordy LaForge with it.

  3. Compared to an cintiq though? Less expensive. Sketchbook pro appears to be the most professional out of all the art apps imo, and it's not badly priced compared to PC art apps (like only $7.99 :o). There's other less sophisticated apps available like Brushes, which has actually been used to make professional magazine covers. idk if you could paint chat with it though--for w/e reason apple blocks some web programs :P

    And working on, it actually has a stand so it sits up like a monitor, and a wireless keyboard.