Monday, 28 February 2011


Trailer to the new show coming later this year.

interesting new take on the show,Looks cool.

And on a side note I would just like to say Hi to all new members that joined Kingzilla.


  1. you know..... I'm a huge thundercats fan, I believe I figured out it's success.... THAT INTRO IS SOOOOO DAMNED GOOD, that nothing lives up to it. Like most of the time it's Pumra going "Now Liono don't play with the hydroflang."
    Liono "I'm going to play with it."
    snarf "don't do it, SNARF!"
    Liono "Oh no, mutants, oh no I broke this thing, oh no."
    snarf "snarf"
    then the whole thunder cats ho, and then episode ends with everyone laughing at Snarf.
    I mean, anyone who is loyal to the original series is certifiably insane, that intro was AMAZING, then it's all downhill from there. In fact even now, it's still hard to top that intro.... I guess I'm saying, the show can't be as bad as the original show.... but like how many times did they try rebooting thundercats with no success. Those Ed McGuiness comics were fun, I mean I read them and had the music running through my head as I read them. The Gears of War art director video was nice also.

  2. This looks pretty awesome, I eagerly await this new show, aint got no nostalgia blindness here.

  3. Isn't what I was expecting from 4c. Still looks cool though.

    I've probably said this before somewhere but Digital Rum lent me Ed McGuiness's run on Thundercats. My sister read it, thought it was great but couldn't understand why they were shouting "Hooooooo!" all the time lol. This will at least clear up a lot of things for the new generation.

  4. Oh man, I just messed myself something awful. This has got to be the most amazing thing done with Thundercats since the intro like crithon was saying.

    The intro to that show in the 80's was without peer. But the actual show was just bad. I remember a few cool things but Snarf just ruined it with his commentary.

  5. I never really hated snarf growing up, I guess it was because his voice was easy to perform and make other kids laugh by making him say things you didn't expect..... SSSHHHHHNNNNNAAAARRRRFFFFF
    But I loved that the show only had one female voice and she had to do about 4 characters like her terrible Katherine Hepburn atop of a washing machine which was suppose to be the space cop.
    That comic was a lot of fun, I would always have the music of the show as I read through it.

  6. Haha, well it doesn't look too terrible... I'll wait to see the actual reboot show.