Monday, 21 February 2011

Caricature - Gabe Newell

okay for my first request, I'd like to loosen up with a caricature of Gabe Newell.

Former member of Microsoft and then went onto his own to find Valve which now recently stated they are more valuable then Google or Apple.

Not by any strech of the imagination as the most attractive man in the world, he is the reference model of the Boomer in Left 4 Dead.

He has a good sense of humor, so I don't think there is anything horrible you can make him look like... because he's way ahead of us.

By the way download the Neotokyo mod, lots of fun playing a cyber Punk Mod with EXCELLENT music. A bit closer to counter strike, which I'm not a fan of, but it's got an excellent art direction, interesting new mechanics that feels straight out of Ghost in the Shell without fukuchimas.

I'm debating about buying Portal 2 on PS3, but like I've never seen a successful steam launch ever, so it will be amusing to see PS3 owners see how HORRIBLE it will launch. Check out this interesting presentation he gave to a high school class, very interesting honest about the industry.


  1. Hell yeah, I love drawing fat guys!

  2. into the breach!
    sounds like fun dude.

  3. Here we go!

    *Boomer bile music*

  4. Wow, you went all out. Really setting a standard for how to post up a jam topic. I'll get to work on my own caricature of him in the very near future.