Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dejah Thoris W.I.P

I really had fun this,been using a new brush for projects lately and trying get a little more loose in my drawings,they have been quite stiff as of late.Sorry for the hold up,my mojo has taken a hit this month & I've been freaking out over a paid Intern-ship application at Disney games that Im currently trying for,So I'll come back to this one when I get my shit together.All right Tisane,your up at bat!


  1. alright, bare breasts ftw. If you want to make her feel more relaxed, curve the spine a little bit. Well... curve it forward. Just enough to show it resting on the bed/couch/love seat.

    I seriously hope you get that paid internship dude! If you get in, then I'll know someone who's on the inside and that could potentially make it easier for me to get in! lmao

    hummmmmmm I'm going to have to think on this one.

  2. I've sent you my notes. Keep rockin!

  3. For thanks for the feed back on this one Fire,you always seem to know the best ways to make my shit look really cool.You and me both brother,if I get this internship I would absolutely die with joy lol,and don't worry if I get this or another job along these lines,I'll be the mole in organization that will pave the way for are take over lol.

    Sin:orders received,beginning mission.