Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Dejah Thoris

First time posting on the group, hope you enjoy

well here's my work process
Never read princess of mars, I was using Frazetta and Art Adams as influences

I went really fast into coloring, had a quick idea how I wanted to lay down the composition. The idea is she's petting her banth that's sensing an enemy coming soon.

A bit closer to the final piece, still didn't know how to make her react to the approaching threat, and her head dress is design to look like a frazetta painting.

and some nice close ups

it was fun to work on this


  1. Didn't realise how textured your brushes were until I saw the close ups. It's the kind of thing that makes large prints worth it.

    Pretty that stoked that you joined in with us dudes!

  2. very very nice dude. Makes me feel like I really need to update my older submissions now.

    So glad you could join us, would you care to throw your suggestion in for the next jam? It's my turn but I'd gladly wait a bit longer if you've got an idea for us all.

  3. very Awesome stuff here mate,I always been in awe of your work..love your painting style is just pucka!

    I would just like to say welcome to the group.

  4. thanks for the welcome guys
    Textures, well it'd default Painter settings with a conte crayon. I'm so used to them in real life from taking a lot of life drawing classes. But like it might because I resize it down from 300dpi to 72 dpi with a rescale of 33%. But yeah, I don't go too detailed like I would with pencil or ink, because I love seeing brush work.

    Suggestions, hmmmm I don't know, I always loosen up doing caricatures of people.

  5. A caricature jam would be awesome, like the stuff they do on the drawingboard forum. My only worry is that attempting to capture someones likeness might be a bit too intimidating for the rest of the first timers. A simple theme or character jam might be easier for all the newbies to dive right in. There must be a billion characters you'd like to tackle.

  6. I don't think it's too much pressure about hitting something unique. It's always different from how people handle caricatures. Sometimes it's a nose, eyes or a smile that people exaggerate and they project the personality they want to project. I think it's unique how some artists handle the same subject. It's a lot how carnival caricatures differ from Al Hirschfeld.

    But personally I was thinking of doing a caricature of Gabe Newell of Valve, since he's the reference model for the Boomer in Left 4 Dead. http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2011/0228/technology-gabe-newell-videogames-valve-online-mayhem.html

  7. lol, you put forward a good argument. Go for it dude! Put up the topic of the jam and a small description in a new post, you can add ref also if you wish.