Friday, 4 February 2011

Dejah Thoris says sit down!

I got a nasty malware virus yesterday that gave me a Blue Screen of Death battle. I beat it like the super soldier I am but my Thoris picture was a casualty saved only in a flattened state. I manged to salvge most of the image but I'll go back to go back and fix it later on.


  1. ooooowow! I love the way you did the gold in this! I love the colors in general. There are tons of different shades to this, I love it. And the tiara of stars is a beautiful touch. I love it dude. Makes me want to go back and redo mine.

  2. It's much more boring than my original sketch mainly because I've no idea how to render a lot of thing materials painterly.

    Again, congrats on the SFIII comp, your full of surprises. Makes me a bit guilty for not finishing my Megaman piece lol.

  3. I understand the feeling. That's something I'm currently working through myself.

    lol, you didn't??? They even extended the contest a bit longer.
    To be honest, I thought the deadline was on that Monday and my drawing wasn't done so I just went "forget it" but then I saw that the deadline was Wednesday and I was still a bit "blah" about doing it but then I told myself, "You'd regret it more if you didn't try" soooooooooo... =D

  4. hahaha, that's what happened to me, one of the reasons I stopped was because I didn't think I had enough time only to find out later that there was an extension. Oh well, I learnt a slew of new things painting it anyway. I won't cry....I just won't.