Monday, 28 February 2011

In case you missed it

Here's something that I found in case any of you missed it. It's 25 Years of Link and Zelda along with a time laps video of the process. Amazing stuff that makes me want to practice Painter more.

EDIT: More info can be seen HERE!


  1. I saw it posted on a message board, who exactly is the artist? I recalled the guys on the boards were just using google image search.
    very very very ambitious..... but I can't tell aside from the whale the rest of Link's Awakening characters. There were a lot of talking animals in that game.
    I wish I knew what he used to record this.

  2. Yeah, I saw bits of this image on Kotaku but it was all chopped up. Nice to see the whole thing.
    I heard it was drawn by some guy called Guru-Guru, he's a professional musician who plays a wind up box. They say he lives in a windmill or something, I could be wrong.

  3. You know, Kotaku has been improving through out the years. Like 3 years ago they would have never given credit to the art they post.
    But at the same time, their image upload stuff is crap.

  4. That was amazing to see all those details be added layer by layer.