Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tengu Girl

Ok boys here's the more or less finished version,can't think of a name for her though,any ideas guys?


  1. I like her, she has this awesome Tengu feel to her. No wait, what are those birds called that are like crows in japanese lore?
    The three legged Crow is called the Yatagarasu. Maybe a play off of that name?
    Others are:
    Itsumaden, Karasu-Tengu, Kukakucho, Konoha-Tengu (Bird like Tengu, maybe the best name to play with), Suzaku ( a vermilion colored bird from the south )
    Those are some names to play with.

    Love the image dude! Nice colors, lovely hair and I like the change you made to the arms. There's a good similarity between the arms and the legs that work extremely well together. I wouldn't make the ends of the fingers too fat though. Make her right hand more similar to the claws on the feet and left hand.

    Overall I love it and the bit of blue cloth really brings out her eyes. Just great. Just great.

  2. Don't listen to him, he's talking nonsense! Go with Kevin, Lady Kevin!

  3. I will kick you in the baby maker.

  4. I have steel balls, which were recently upgraded to platinum, your attacks to the mentioned region will be inconsequential.

    *smug face*


  6. Oh shit, it looks like it's on like Donkey Kong.

  7. Latifa jones. and her nose should be longer, like, twice her total head width.

  8. Ooo! Pretty colors! Love what you ended up doing with the arms! :D