Monday, 31 January 2011

MGS PsyLoacke W.I.P

My Local Game store saw my art on Devi & asked if not only could they use the X-23 & Felicia pics I did as prizes for the midnight release of MVC3.Anyhoo This is another addition to the MGS/X-men crossover thing.

And on a side note,I'm going to KA-Pow comic-con baby! I hope to meet J.R.jr.

1 comment:

  1. Other than the foot needing to be at more of an angle since seeing the bottom of it is just odd from this perspective, good job dude!

    And it's awesome to hear that the local game store is using your stuff as prizes.

    When you say Comic-con, I take it that you're talking about a comic-con over in your land of Eng. But if you were to go to ours, I'd make one hell of an effort to meet up with you there.