Friday, 7 January 2011

Lets rock this joint

Always fun. ALWAYS! I had a utter blast with these and I wanted to post them up here first.

Here are the finished colors. I actually ordered the complete books 1,2 and 3 of Avatar: TLAB and got them in on the very same day I started this. It took me 16 episodes to finish this drawing so about 8 hours of work went into this. Of course I was distracted by the episodes a little bit but it was nice having them play on my second computer screen while I worked. Sooooooooo much fun. So happy. I hope you guys like it as well. I may need to go back and get boulder with the contrast and get darker darks if I can.(rock puns, how many can we do?) Other than that, I am happy with this.

Just in case, I also added in the line art I used. I had to give the rocks more personality since I'm a hound for detail and I also fixed the hands and the cloth flaps that are on them just a bit. Granite'ed I didn't want to mess with them too much since I wanted to preserve Rum's lines as much as possible.

Remember gin rummy boy, if you wanna collab with me anytime just let me know!


  1. What the hell, what is this, who did this, why is this!?!


  2. I really put my nose to the grind stone(oh somebody stop me) for this one. It's gneiss (another rock pun; sounds like nice) to start off the new year with a clean slate (seriously, stop me) and new art.