Saturday, 15 January 2011

Against the darkness Lunar Knight W.I.P/Concept

I had blast on this one guys. This was the result of the idea of having a knight facing off against a giant Golem.10 mins in Sai God I love Sai,got an idea bam! there it is done & done lol.Im going to work on this after I do about 20 more quick concepts


  1. Ah, you made some more edits, cool. I can tell drawing Iron Man has added a bit to the way you approach designing armour. Just adds more to your inventory :)

  2. Fantastic dude! I think you should finish this one up! Do a sketch of the Golem to make sure you know all the details on his design.

  3. Thanks guys,and Im going to love every second of doing this one,but first I need to do more thumbs & sketches so I have projects waiting in the wings while I work on current projects,I'm going 4 a in and out-nicely calm & cool schedule.Also TRANSFORMERS PRIME IS THE SHIT!!!!