Thursday, 27 January 2011

Costumes: The Wearable Dialog

Yet again, I am impelled to share yet another informational study on art, this time in the field of costumes. If you've never read Dresden Codak I implore you to do so because it is a fantastic comic. It doesn't update much, nor is the paneling really that easy to follow sometimes ( the guy takes a more organic flow of comic telling rather than left > right repeat. It gets confusing when you have to follow it from left to right then right to left.) but there's a lot more to love than to hate.


  1. Hey, did you send me a link to this a while back? I have the focal point post in my bookmarks. Anywayz, super find!

  2. I shall but this information to great use.

  3. Maybe? lol, idk. I was looking through my daily comics and ran across this post in the authors comments.

    I thought that this is a very good subject to reflect on for us to tell part of the story with the clothes the characters wear. Every detail you put on a character needs to speak something about them. Every choice in cloth, every accessory, every ring or necklace. More than that, the colors the character chooses is important. Everything builds up and tells the story of the character at a glance.

    The same is true for everyone else. The clothes we wear tell something about us. They identify us, separate us into social groups and generally speak as to how we feel/view ourselves. They're status, rank, conformity and individuality. Take an artistic look at the way people dress and then ask yourself, "Why did they choose to wear that?" Sometimes, that question is a much deeper rabbit hole than even I'm willing to venture into.

  4. hahahaha, that's the best way to end an inspirational speech. Amen brother.