Monday, 10 January 2011

Health Spray

Still under the weather but not dead.

Here's a large thumb for a Wesker x Chris piece. It's not gonna be this exaggerated in the end, I'm spitting out a fun idea. I'm on a short programming course btw so if I seem absent I'm just scripting or some other depressing garbage.

1 comment:

  1. Personally I'm just going to go with a whole different Venom but i do like the crits. I was going to have his arm behind him but then I realized that the angle is no good if I do that.

    As for Rum's crits, I like them. On felicia, I'd fix her action angle a bit more. Rotate her hips and legs so that she's in just one big curve, giving the claws more oomph behind them. The Tenchu one looks good with the crits. I would've gone with a more powerful pose (the chest and shoulders turned more out with an out stretched arm), but that's really not necessary for the drawing to work. If she was being quiet, I would've had her hand covering the guys mouth.