Saturday, 8 January 2011

Shadow Gif update

how does this look? still too fast?

edit 1: ugh, it's still too fast. I think blogger has something to do with the speed up of the animation. Lets try uploading it a different way.

edit 2: okay, now it wasn't moving at all. ffffffffffffffff

edit 3: maybe it moves faster on Firefox? I just looked at it in IE and it moves just right...

edit 4: yep, it's firefox that's the culprit. If you want to see the image at the proper speed, you gotta see it in Internet Explorer.


  1. Yeah it plays much better in IE. You should convert it to flash when your all done so it will be the same speed in all browsers.


  2. Bitch'n! Looks tight mate,Don't really see anything wrong here,bang up job mi'boy.

  3. Yeah, I'll post it up in flash once it's all said and done but I'm mostly doing it for the sake of making it my avatar. I've already tried and failed, it needs to be under 15k and 50 x 50, I knew the 50 x 50 part but didn't look at how big it was.

  4. I think you can get away with her just turning around and smiling as a gif dude, that'd still be cool.