Monday, 17 January 2011

Morning work out

Man I got a back log of broken promises and owed pic,I was supposed to do Street Fighter pic with Sakura Makoto, Elena, Cammy and R. Mika and I totally forgot about it,until now 1st I'm warming up before I tackle this daunting feat,but he dares wins right? LOL anyway this was a quick morning sketch to start the day.


  1. Man, I so want R. Mika to show up in SSFIV:AE. Like, really really badly!

    I see that you're trying for a perspective shot with the second drawing. The thing about perspective shots is that you've gotta commit to the idea and give up some things to pull it off. Really reach for that perspective and give items that wrap around the body plenty of curve to show off the angle.
    Shorten the legs from the knee down, her right foot should sit further behind her left ( at the moment it looks like the ball of her left foot is standing on the side of her right )
    Until I get my hands on this, I can't quiet explain the curves on her pants and gloves without getting really detailed. After all, a picture says a thousand words and it would take that much to explain what I mean.

    Perspective is difficult dude, but I'm happy to see you tackling it now.

  2. Yeah, "commit" is the key word there. When perspective is concerned you will save yourself a lot of time "framing" your image in the thumb stage or using polygons if your having trouble.