Monday, 10 January 2011

Tenchu + MVC3 Felicia uppercut- W.I.P update

I may not have told u guys but I'm so excited for MVC3 I decided to do pin-up pic like my X-23 one each week every Friday and I'll will alternate between the two companies,also this will insure I'm at least working on a piece 2 stay sharp so let me know if u guys think this is good idea or a path to self destruction lol.

Where the Hell!! is the new Tenchu game any way!? God, Tenchu:W.O.H was so good,next to Z.O.E:the 2nd runner it was my favourite game,anyway this was a quick update to the thumbs I did of the D-licious! Ayame.Still needs more work but I like where its going + plus which angle is better A or B.

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