Thursday, 20 January 2011

Morning Gents!

Decided to post a little progress shot of two drawings I'm working on and get some input for some color ideas and all that.
 For shade I'm trying to decide if I want both her skirt and boot/things to match her jacket or her top. I'm thinking of making her skirt match her top while the boots keep in touch with the jacket. Or maybe do a different color scheme all together. idk, ideas?
ooooo, I actually meant to post the lines of this one last time but I forgot to save them as a jpeg. Anyway, flat colors on this one and it'll match the last one I did of her. The gloves and shoe/socks will have their little stripes of blue in them later.


  1. Oh dear, your asking us clowns about colour choices for clothes? Rum always wars black and my wardrobe is pretty much just shades of grey lol.

    Anyway, I like when things match up in a cheesy comic book way, they work much better in illustrations more than in real life. So I guess your initial idea works for me dude.

    See, that didn't help at all did it.

  2. glorious colour choices,I think for Shade it looks really cool as it is,but Like Sin said we know jack about colour lol....wait (that doesn't sound right).

    As for Shadow looking good.

  3. Lol, wow, okay then. Well it looks like I've got to play with it on my own then. I might add in some purple or something, something to add to the colors. I know I'm going to multicolor the necklace for sure though. Might make it wood on the sectioned piece.