Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dejah Thoris

Interesting jam. I know nothing of Dejah Thoris or the stories but when thinking on how I would design a Princess from Mars, the first thing that came to mind was Frank Frazzeta's style of fantasy. Something where the women wear next to nothing yet gloriously designed. I can't draw like that. But I tried so here's my attempt at Dejah Thoris as a royal princess of Mars.

I like the design so much, I may re-use it later as part of my own character designs.
She's not really wearing much. I seriously wouldn't mind doing another take of her in a relaxed pose with plenty of reds for the cloth.


  1. Didn't expect or imagine it to come out like this, awesome design and unique feel for real!

  2. lol, when I started on the paper, I didn't expect this either. I just drew the shape and started adding designs that came to mind. I do hope it's okay. I usually feel more confident in drawing stuff I know about, but then again, if I know about it, I stick closer to the original design.

  3. Sexy,I like where this is going.