Monday, 17 January 2011

Head Shot

Hey guys, a few things I wanted to post up just to show I'm doing something of value.

You may have seen this before but I'm starting to color this one now. Is there anything I should know/do before I dedicate myself to finishing this?

Headshots so that I know wtf I'm doing when animating Shade. I had two more like Shadow's but I didn't fix up her eye in them so bah. Anyway, this was a fun exercise on Mohawks.

A head shot study of Shadow. It's important to do these BEFORE you start animating people! Trust me, I had to fix Shadow's hair several times over because I thought I knew what it looks like from any angle. Turns out I was WRONG!!! Oh well, se la vie.

ooooooo, finished the Venoooooooom. Tell me what you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink.


  1. Fantastic Posts! Venom looks outstanding! The details and veins all the way down to the tongue looks fantastic.


    The necks on the side profile turnarounds are maybe on the wide side, it makes them look a bit butch or much older. Like Meryl in Metal Gear: GOTP.

    Shade at the top there? I just want to see that one finished!

  2. Thanks dude. I'll probably end up inking venom in more just to give his lines more pop.

    I see what you mean dude. I'll fix that up on them. Shadow should be a bit thinner but I didn't want to make her super thin so thats why I try to make her arms and core a bit thicker. She's flat though, if that means anything, lol. Shade on the other hand is ment to be more butch but I should thin up her neck from the side just a bit.

    Will do sir. I'll try to finish her up sometime this week. That is, if I'm not distracted by that capcom contest that's going on. Fanart for Urien, Twelve or Remmy and possibly win SFIII:online for free? The answer is yes!