Sunday, 2 January 2011

Toph WIP edit + Power Girl Fix

I gotta say that I'm loving this image. I just had to add in what my mind see's when it's looking at this and the concept is just amazing. I've always wanted to draw an awesome Toph but the idea never came to me on what it would be like but seeing this is brilliant.

Don't be afraid to obscure her a little bit with more rocks. And there should be a lot of dust falling around her because of all the rocks she's moving. I've gotta say, this image is going to end up looking boss and it'll be one of the best Toph images around imo.

Okay, got that out of the way. Now I'm just gonna upload a fixed version of Power Girl with not as bright blue gloves and boots. It was way too distracting to me so I had to fix it up just a bit. Also, the skin was a bit yellow so fixed that as well. Or, at least I hope I did. I can't tell on this screen is the problem.


  1. YES! This is it,thank u so much bro,this image is now complete with set edit to the background,I thinks I smell the 1st collab for 2011...huh..huh? come on lets get the band back together lol.

  2. There are little circles in the eyes beam! You should totally amp that up next time like one of those Mega Man blasts!

  3. Dude, I am always ready to collab with ya. You know that! Just give me the delicious lines and I'll take care of the colors.

    yaaaaay! You noticed! yeah, I do need to make them stand out more next time. First time trying it so I'm going to do better next time.