Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy 1 Year to the end world count down lol+ Toph W.I.P

Well guys it was a fun ride,but according to those Mayans were all Screwed in 1 year so lets make it count lol.But really Happy New Years my fellow kings + here's an update of current project.


  1. ooooh, much nicer. Maybe you can lower Toph just a bit more to where her feet (where they're supposed to be anyway) are touching the bottom of the page and widen it out just a bit more. I can see her starting to lift some boulders on both corners of the page with dust plumes and debris falling out. It'll give the image a lot of weight to it and make Toph out to be the center of all the pressure.

  2. Talk about "rocking" into the new year dude. Wow, those are some huge calf muscles on her, wouldn't want to receive a kick from that little lass!

    Maybe you should show one foot just so she's a little "grounded" or down to "earth".

    Look, more word play!

  3. HA! Am I the only one who accidentally read that as " receive a kick from that little ass!"? Am I? I am?? oh...