Friday, 28 January 2011

Comic Character number 3 W.I.P

This Is sample of the 3rd Character that I'm designing for my 1st comic,I based her design with a sparrow/rooster in mind,just I few notes about her design nothing big,although She has no name at the moment.She is part of Royal/Ninja clan/shrine maiden,She's a very happy person that enjoys being able to fly and be in what she calls her flock/friends more than anything else.


  1. I'm glad Red posted the link about costumes earlier. You should give that a gander if you haven't already.

    The first thing I thought was super design and detail! It's more of a video game design than a comic book one. I think the key would be to be more economical without looking too cheap.

  2. I was pretty much thinking the same as Sin. Now as much as I love your designs and the freedom with which you do them, you gotta think of them on the most practical of levels.

    I love her feet but I don't think any skin should show. Keep the boots covering them all the way up but that's just imo.

  3. Really interesting character concept, Digital Rum! I absolutely love the talon feet, leg design, and facial features. My only complaint though is the steel wings. Steel is like really heavy, right? So are these functional wings? If so, I just question if she would have the power to move them and fly, you know? o.O If she would, I would make them like of a different material and such. And I actually disagree with Red White, Really, all the skin that's showing is at the joints (which might be important if you want her to be able to move easily) and belly (which the belly is a big weak spot but I could see how she is proportioned, she might be able to protect it somewhat easily), and head (but I see there's like a hood thing she could use if she wanted).

    But that's just my opinion--it dosen't have to make sense lol ^^