Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rules, Rota and Ramblings

Ok peeps, the current Jam will end on the 22nd of March.

The jams will run for one month each.

If everyone posts their jam sketches before the month is up the jam goes straight to the next one. (Probably will never happen lol)

There’s no restriction on how many sketches you can post.

There’s no restriction on the quality or type of the sketch you post. Digital or traditional, it doesn’t matter.

Camera phones are useful for posting if deadline demons are chasing you in the real world.

Remember to abuse the tags when posting.

If you don’t post a sketch in the jam right before it's your turn to choose the next topic it will skip to the next person on the list who posted on the previous jam. (Hahaha! Penalties are fun incentives!)


The Jam Topic Rota: (basically the same as before but with people added as they joined.)

Red White

Digital Rum










I'll edit this as things change. Have fun!

End of line_


  1. Can't wait to see what topics you all come up with ^-^

  2. so.... uh?.... there's a new jam announced? or like just post anything? I'm not sure I quite fallow. Except for if you don't post you get skipped when it's the time to pick the next theme?

  3. No new jam yet. I probably should amend it to explain the blog was mainly for postings wips and crits, but yeah, post anything you need a second opinion on.

    The idea to run art Jams along side it was by Red White to keep things fun and interesting.

    In my search for finding a diplomatic penalty system I was retyping the whole "skipping/topics" so many times its become obscure lol. I'll fix that now.

  4. So when will a new Jam topic be posted?