Sunday, 17 June 2012

Does whatever...

Last update. Here's everything all nice and inked. I may go back and add more heavy inking to the background later but for the most part, tadaaaaa. That leg was a b**** to work with and even now I'm not sure if it looks right or not. Angles and perspective are hard.
Update... Got a chance to add more details to everyone.

Well, instead of waiting any longer, I decided to post up my dirty dirty lines because I'm likely to procrastinate further and just never do anything more with it. I'm planning on adding the full webbing to his suite in photoshop. I also decided that I wanted to add something extra to his costume just to change things up. The back is the biggest change but you can't see it in this picture, but that guy in the picture can see it, and he. Is. Astounded.

Also, theme music goodness.

And just for kicks... (why do I love the simplest and dumbest of puns?)



  2. You bequeathed upon us great awesomeness!! And I see you made your own mix on the suit too! Love this so far, all out action!

    Super tiny nit pick. His right forearm looks slightly too long or is missing a little muscle mass compared to his left arm.

  3. Just one little one? I've already found three things that bug me in this picture. You're right, his arm is wrong, but they're both wrong for different reasons. His right forearm has too little mass and his left forearm is too short. His ass doesn't go low enough and the guy getting webbed has the weirdist shoulder at the moment.

    I also wish I made this more dynamic as well. Yeah it has action but it's just a throw away panel sort of action, not a stand alone image sort of action. If only I could pull in the camera low and short on the same scene, looking up from almost the prespective of the guy getting kicked in the teeth. Too bad I'm balls at doing that though. I'm more comfortable thinking on a 2D plain.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments guys! I love comments, I live for them. Don't hold back on any crit though. I want all your thoughts, even if they're wrong. ( I'm kidding! I don't want your crit. (again with the jokes, I want your full oppinions no matter what.))

    1. Sweet update! It's cool that your sketches are so clear, makes pointing out mistakes from whimsical energy lines easier.

      I'm not sure but the perspective on spidys right leg is bothering me a little. Maybe a tad black area near the knee to show the curve and direction of the calf might help, I dunno. Could be just me though lol.

    2. okay okay... I thiiiiiink I know what you're talking about. I'll do another update again tomorrow and I'll change it up a bit to make the calf follow the foot better. I've already fixed that one guy's shoulder again too. Anyway, good catch. That's something that slipped by me.

      Hey... hey... how hard would it be for you to color this? I'm not sure how well it would work with my lines but I really dig your coloring, I said as much on your other blog. If I send it as a PNG I think it keeps the layer properties so you could open it up in something other than photoshop.

    3. I meant to post this as well sorry lol

      I don't think I've ever coloured anything more than 2 characters. So painting this elaborate awesomeness including a background would be totally out of the question hahaha. I'd save that collab for something a bit simpler, a pinup perhaps? But colouring this comic book style...I might be able to handle that if you still want me to have a shot at it. PNG or Photoshop file are both cool with me dude.

    4. The leg is turning into a bigger problem because it's not just about the lower leg but also the knee. The boot doesn't make it any easier since it has a low cut on that side. I think I may have gotten it though.

      If you feel up to it dude. I wasn't expecting you to do that whole painting thing, because that would be waaaaaay too much to ask. I just like the texture of your colors. Just let me know if you feel up to it and I'll pass it along to ya when I'm done with the lines.

    5.! Send me those high res lines!!!