Thursday, 7 June 2012

Spidey Sketch

"You drew me like a skinny nerd?! Oh wait...har, har!"

Had some nice action sketches going but drawing his annoying webbing put a stop to that. Fun character, not always fun to draw though.


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    1. Thanks dude, this was a bit lazy of me but I had to do something lol

  2. I'm still trying to do something for this jam, even though it's technically over. I was aiming for an action picture but my main drawing didn't look like my thumbnail so I'm going to redo it smaller and try to get the pose right this time. It's funny how the little things really mess with the flow of a drawing.

  3. Oh yes, really ganky looking spider-bro there. He's popping a little too much of a Michal Jackson pose though. A good way to prevent that is making sure the feet are right under the head, but I do like the bowed legs.

    1. The MJ pose is a sad relic of my Bruce Timm aping days. If I draw fast my reflexes knee jerk into old bad habits. Arms that are too long and super long necks also evil reflex demons lol. The foot under the head trick always works well, when I remember not to draw "Mr Burns" necks and heads like I did here.

      Thanks dude, your good at spotting bad habits, you should be a life coach! I feel pepped up!

    2. You've been hit by...
      you've been struck by...

    3. Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun!