Monday, 11 June 2012

EDIT: Here we go, I feel like I'm definitely starting to get the hang of SAI. Quick colors on this one, experimented a bit, I like how this came out, but it is sort of a boring picture with nothing going on. Anyway, awesome Spider-jam, I don't know anything about Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales, but I like the costume and wanted to draw him.


  1. Love the subtle blue secondary lighting on this!

    I know nothing of Miles too but I'm picking up the Spiderman or "Spider-men" crossover though so that will soon change.

  2. Well now, you guys have been missing out, or have you? Personally, I like the shake up and the new Spider-man. Marvel really needed to change things with the Ultimate universe because it was just turning into the regular Marvel universe. And killing Spider-man was a ballsy way to do it too.

    Miles is, in short, awesome. He's a smart kid, has both parents and his father is a cop (if I'm not mistaken, I tried looking it up to verify but I'm pretty sure he's a cop) but his uncle is a bad dude with some skills. The tie in between Miles and Peter was interesting too because Miles got his powers before Peter died and the first few issues showed what happened with Miles while Spider-man was fighting to his death.

    I like the shake up, I like the new Spider-Man, I like a new spin (durhur) on the same tale and I like everything about what's going on. The one thing they need to do is have Nick Fury pick up with Miles where he left off with Peter and not have him fend for himself for so long. It would be cool for this Spider-man to have more support and structure since we already had the storylines of the try and fail Peter Parker. Miles is a really young kid but he could become the most Amazing Spider-man if he's trained for it from the get go. He has a bit of that Peter swag in him with his quips too, which is still what spider-man needs to be. I'm really hoping for Spider-woman to step in and have a heart to heart. She showed up once for a min. but it wasn't enough. She was mad at him for wearing the ol' Red and Blue costume so soon after Spidy's death, and rightfully so. I just think it would be interesting seeing what she would say to him since (spoiler for an old storyline) she's peter's clone. (omg clone saga drama)

    Anyway, I love the drawing dude. I am very, very happy that you did the new Ult. Spider-man and you get two big thumbs up from me.

  3. Oh, and on a personal artistic note, I think this could be a much more powerful drawing if you didn't have the white and black outlines on him. In fact, no lines, more centered and looking right at us while the red webbing and white eyes are bleeding out of the bg. I've always liked backgrounds that are the same color as the character and the character stands out because of the details.
    Don't get me wrong though, I do like this and I like it alot, I'm just throwing around my two cents like I'm pelting ducks.

    1. I toyed with that idea, but in the end I pussed out and went with this boring one. Also after your description I now wanna check out Ultimate Spider-man EVEN MORE!