Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Girly sketch revisited

Added another 30 mins to this one. Shortened the neck added a tad more hair. Still not sure about the nose and shoulders. :/


  1. This has been improved by worlds! They eyes now have the fold between them and the brow, the cheeks, the chin, the nose all look fantastic and the shoulder placement is fixed as well! Her eyes look so much more alive as well with the soft reflection added in. And I love that her cheek looks like it has some plump to it. Yes, yes this is an amazing update. I'll give you a Fire-Tisane patented golden burning star of approval! Followed swiftly by Fire-tisanes patented cooling fire extinguisher of kindness.

  2. *coughs out smoke* Thanks! *cough*

    Sounds like I need to add some colour now.