Friday, 19 November 2010

Now who's that Pokemon?

I suck, I have no name for them. But I do have some Pokedex flavor text!

First one: The Fresh Leaf Pokemon: This pokemon has a relatively short lifespan. After finding a leaf to attach itself to, it will only survive as long as the leaf is green. It will usually pick a leaf that's still on the branch.

Second: The Dead Leaf Pokemon: The only way to evolve into this stage is to faint in battle. This pokemon is seldom seen wandering around the forest at night, looking for where it lost it's body.

Third: The Dead Branch Pokemon: Living off of fear, this pokemon will travel to houses at night and scratch on the windows of children. Do not look into it's hollow eyes or it may haunt you forever.

I suck at names though, so boo.


  1. All three stages and all that pokedex data! I honestly don't know what stage I like best. The pun-names are cool too lol.

    ok, ok...if i must choose, the second one. Just because of the beady black eyes.

  2. lol, thanks dude. I, of course, like them all but I suppose I like the idea of the first one the most. Making it part bug type and then changing that to a ghost type just seems like a clever idea to me. I think it's neat to have him located in trees and the only way to get one is to headbutt the tree and knock the leafs down.